Demolition of Mansfield General Hospital and a New Home for Bats

February 25, 2014 2:56 pm


The demolition of the former Mansfield General Hospital is on schedule: 75% of the buildings and structures have come down, including the main 4 storey hospital block and the demolition is scheduled for completion by April 2014. A number of buildings contained asbestos, which has now been safely removed.

The 1.3 hectare derelict site was bought by Mansfield District Council in June 2013, following which, a decision was made to clear the site of all buildings and structures and undertake remedial works prior to development; demolition was necessary to remove the dangerous structures and the risks associated with trespassing, vandalism, theft and arson.

Before the demolition works commenced, ecologists found a low number of brown long-eared bats and pipistrelle bats nesting in the buildings. As protected species, they were entitled to new homes and the Council was very pleased to oblige.  A purpose-built bat house and new bat roosting boxes on mature trees were installed on site to provide a suitable replacement roosting habitat for the bats. The bat house comprises a car port, with the purpose built bat house (loft) above. The car port will form part of any new development proposed for the site. The mitigation was designed to ensure that individual bats are not harmed by the demolition works.

For more information on the demolition works or to discuss opportunities, please contact the Property Team on 01623 463537.

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