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Supply Chain

The Ashfield and Mansfield area offers good proximity and connectivity to the UK’s advanced/transport equipment manufacturing and food production heartlands.

Ashfield and Mansfield’s East Midlands location makes it a potentially ideal location for supply chain businesses serving major ‘OEM’ transport equipment manufacturers located in the region, based on both supply chain proximity and the availability of a skilled engineering workforce.

Our area’s central location creates investment opportunities with businesses serving major manufacturing sites across the UK.  Luckily for Ashfield and Mansfield, significant growth and inward investment opportunities are presented by each of the following transport equipment sub-sectors:

  • The Aerospace Opportunity – the midlands overall is home to over 700 aerospace companies, and ‘over half are located in the East Midlands cluster.’ Being home to Rolls Royce, Ashfield and Mansfield has already demonstrated its potential to attract expanding businesses in this sector, based on a winning combination of supply chain proximity, skilled labour and a competitive cost base.
  • The Rail Opportunity – According to UKTI, Britain’s railways are the fastest growing in Europe in terms of passenger kilometres travelled. This expansion has resulted in large-scale and ongoing network investments, creating major growth opportunities for businesses serving the sector.  Ashfield and Mansfield have already attracted investment from Bombardier in this area.
  • The UK’s automotive sector produces 1.5 million car and commercial vehicle per annum, with 40% of these being produced in the Midlands. The Ashfield and Mansfield location makes it an ideal base for businesses to supply all the UK’s major automotive production sites.


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