Shape the future appointed to research motivation of business occupiers

October 3, 2014 10:40 pm

Shape the future

The Invest Ashfield & Mansfield team has appointed Shape the Future to investigate the motivation of business occupiers residing or relocating into the Ashfield/Mansfield conurbation.

Shape the Future,  a company specialising in market research will be contacting local and regional businesses in the forthcoming months, with a view to investigating the motivation of business occupiers residing or relocating in the Ashfield and Mansfield conurbation. In particular, the enquiry will identify the type of property transaction and the determinants of choice that occurs.

The information will contribute to expanding our understanding of the marketplace and assist potential developers, investor and property intermediaries to draw conclusions on where to focus supply requirements to meet demand needs, and moreover, understand if strategies need to be considered to support ‘motivators’ (pull factors) of businesses choosing to operate in the Mansfield and Ashfield conurbation.

The initial findings of the research will be presented at the East Midlands Property Show on 6th November 2014, where the Invest team is organising a number of different activities to target a wider audience of property professionals and intermediaries and raise awareness of the commercial offer of the two districts. This forms part of our wider marketing strategy which aims to raise the profile of Mansfield and Ashfield as a great place to live and work.

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