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March 24, 2017 1:27 pm

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The long-awaited Accelerating innovation in rail round 4 is now open.  And, with businesses able to apply for a share of £9m to deliver high-value, low-cost rail solutions or to improve user experience through stations, there’s plenty of interest, so get on the funding train today!

What is round 4 all about?

Basically up to £700,000 is available.  And there are a couple of consortium building events organised.  The first takes place in Cardiff on 29th March 2017 and the second in Manchester on 6th April 2017.  Registration deadline is midday on Wednesday 10th May 2017 with the application deadline at midday on Wednesday 17th May 2017​.

The focus of this competition is industrial research. To be in scope proposals must demonstrate how they meet specific industry challenges.  More detail on the specific competition themes follows:-

  1. High-value, low-cost railway innovations – For example, this includes innovations that: see railway tracks and trains as part of an integrated system and optimise design to deliver whole-system solutions; adopt ideas and technologies from other sectors; help deliver optimal staffing for a high-value, low-cost railway.
  2. Improving customer experience through stations – For example, this includes innovations that: optimise passenger movements through stations and improve loading and unloading trains; use smart techniques to manage passenger flows, either through innovation in station design or operation; improve route-planning or wayfinding technologies to help passengers find directions.

​For more information on these themes, click here.

Am I eligible?

To lead a project, you must be a UK-based business.  Furthermore, it doesn’t matter what the size of your company is so long as you carry out your project in the UK and work collaboratively.

Projects should last between 3 and 12 months.  Innovate UK expect the total cost of projects to range from £150,000 to £1m.  All projects must be led by a UK-based business and carried out in the UK.  In addition, the project should include at least one UK-based SME.  For industrial research, you could receive up to 70% of eligible project costs if you are an SME.

Further information

In order to understand more about this opportunity, you are invited to attend a specially organised breakfast session.  These Rail Innovation Breakfast Sessions have been organised between TBAT Innovation and Rail Forum East Midlands.  These drop-in sessions will be held on Tuesday 4th April from 8am at TBAT’s offices in Castle Donington.

Sessions will be available from 8am – 12pm and will be available on a pre-booked basis.   You will have the opportunity to really make these sessions your own.  However you can expect to receive a full breakdown of the competition, clarification as to what the competition is really looking for and confidential 1:1’s.

… And of course some breakfast to keep your engine fuelled up.  To book your session please contact Adele Bould.

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