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Since 1985 Lindhurst have provided innovative solutions to challenging projects with a range of services & products covering the whole of the UK.

All business owners & leaders have stakeholders to appease in terms of bringing the best possible profits & competitive business advantages for the lowest possible costs.

The Ashfield and Mansfield area has a long heritage of innovative business covering a wide spectrum of sectors such as manufacturing, technology, renewable energy, chemical, bioscience, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, media, design, ICT to mention a few.

The basic needs for business to be successful are met very cost effectively in Ashfield and Mansfield such as,

  • Office space/commercial property
  • Property prices
  • Labour costs
  • Skills
  • Education & education facilities
  • Trains/planes/automobiles


The Ashfield and Mansfield area has some of the most cost effective office space/commercial property available nationally. In addition the local rates are also beneficiary to conducive business.

The property prices in the Ashfield and Mansfield vicinity rate very well against national prices & the types of property meet the needs of all buyers or people wishing to rent. The excellent road links allow the possibility for rural living, again at very cost effective prices.

The labour costs in Ashfield and Mansfield are very competitive but that does not mean a skills shortage that is encountered in other part of the country. With the back drop of the mine industry the area has strong technical history that has continued to the modern day. Many people have retrained & can provide extensive diverse experience. The future production line of skills is also very positive.  Approximately 12,000 local students are engaged on an apprenticeship program while a further 7,000 are in some form of training in the workplace. A very high rate of vocational students train in an industry area earmarked as a priority by the D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership. However a business will not experience exorbitant labour costs in Ashfield and Mansfield.

The education &  facilities in Ashfield and Mansfield are excellent. From schools, colleges & local universities within a 25 mile radius the provision is excellent. The younger skills provision is met by West Nottinghamshire College. West Nottinghamshire College is one of the largest colleges in the country & regarded as one of the leaders within the further education & skills sector, with a national reputation for the work it does with employers. Each year the college provides education & training to 34,000 full and part-time students, from pre-GCSE to university-level, with more than 7,500 drawn across Ashfield & Mansfield

National & International businesses will find the Ashfield and Mansfield area a super location for head office or business critical logistics points. East Midlands Airport is 40 minutes & Sheffield Airport is 30 minutes from Ashfield and Mansfield. The M1 & A1 surround the area & if one considered the A50 & M62 which link east to west, the road links coupled with the excellent rail links favour positive transportation for cost effective business.

International business owners & leaders that wish to take advantage of favourable conditions for cost effective business need look no further than Ashfield & Mansfield to locate their business to achieve the possible profits & competitive business advantages for the lowest possible costs.


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