BCC Director Pushes for Business Rates Reform

January 30, 2014 4:28 pm


Fundamental reform of business rates needs a clear timetable and positive action, according to the British Chambers of Commerce Director of Policy and External Affairs. Dr Adam Marshall said rate reliefs announced by Communities Secretary Eric Pickles would help smaller companies, anything less than a complete overhaul was just a ‘sticking plaster’.

He says: “Westminster and the media seem to think that business rates are only a problem for retailers. Yet they are a huge, and rising, fixed cost for all businesses – and hurt firms on industrial estates and in offices just as much or more than the high street.  The Prime Minister has recently committed to looking again at the business rates system. He and the Chancellor must set a clear timetable for this – and ensure that their own ministers, and Whitehall civil servants, do not yet again hide behind the excuse that fundamental reform of business rates is ‘too difficult’ to achieve.”

The British Chambers of Commerce and the Accredited Chamber of Commerce Network support and advise businesses as they seek out and develop new growth opportunities in domestic and international markets, also working hard to ensure that government policy supports business growth.

In order to fulfil this role it is critical that the BCC fully understand the issues, opportunities and barriers that businesses face
in extending their customer base. To this end they have recently issued a survey which is relevant to all businesses whether or not they trade internationally.  With this knowledge the BCC can serve as the voice of businesses, both trading domestically and
internationally, and ensure that our services respond directly to the needs of Chamber members across the UK.

Whilst the results of the survey will be collated and published, any information provided will remain totally confidential.  To complete the survey click here.

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