Coalfields Regeneration Trust launch million pound funding pot

June 4, 2014 7:04 am

coalfield regeneration trust

On 28 April Coalfields Regeneration Trust launched a £1 million Coalfields Community Grant programme; this funding scheme will see up to £10,000 per application handed to coalfield community organisations throughout the country over the next year.

The programme is aimed at organisations, community groups and social enterprises that can make a positive difference in the communities; this programme builds on the previous track record of providing funding that responds to local needs.

The type of projects likely to be supported through this funding include:

  • Support community involvement – projects that bring people and communities together and improve social interaction, particularly projects that engage the hardest to reach or vulnerable groups.
  • Tackle poverty – projects that work with the most vulnerable people in coalfield communities to alleviate the effects of poverty.
  • Create jobs and help people into work – projects that create new sustainable jobs within the community, or support people into work, including addressing barriers to work such as childcare or transport.
  • Develop skills and training opportunities – projects that develop skills for people or help them gain new qualifications.
  • Improve health and wellbeing – projects that improve the quality of life for people living in coalfield communities with health problems, or projects that prevent negative impacts on health and wellbeing.
  • Support social enterprise development – projects that support the growth and development of social enterprises.
  • Support financial inclusion – projects that develop the skills of people to manage their finances and provide support to those with problem debts.

For more information on this funding opportunity, please visit the Coalfields Regeneration Trust’s website (link now closed).

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