County Battery Services looking to solar power

July 31, 2014 12:49 pm

County Battery Services

Solar power generation at homes and businesses across the country is being targeted for a big leap forward by local Ashfield company. Entrepreneur Richard Fuller, whose family firm has been in the batteries business for 40 years, has turned a light bulb moment into a power prototype.

Richard, Managing Director of County Battery Services, said: “We made our debut with the equipment at the massive All Energy Exhibition and Conference in Aberdeen.”

He combed the world to find a manufacturer with the expertise to produce the prototype designed to capture and store solar energy.

“At present, everything over and above what a home owner or business requires while the sun is up goes to the grid,” said Richard.

“We have a constant stream of customers asking what could be done to store power to use when the electricity is needed at night. Keeping the energy in-house would help panel owners avoid paying power company rates for more of their supply.”

“Turning homes into power houses also offers a potential solution to a huge challenge for the national grid of balancing supply with demand,” said Richard.

The battery storage system is believed by Richard to be the first in the country compatible with the network operated by National Grid. Richard now intends to trial the system to supply his own business which sells hundreds of different types of battery for everything from cars to cameras.

“This is quite a leap for a small company in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire,” said Richard. “It is something of which we are very proud.”

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