From Coal to Cutting-Edge Green Technologies: Innovative Sustainable Energy Developed in Nottinghamshire, UK

July 21, 2015 4:08 pm
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Lindhurst Engineering – thinking inside, and outside, the box

Innovative low carbon energy production has its roots in the coal industry…

With its origins in coal mining, Lindhurst Engineering Ltd. is an example of a company that not only adapted and diversified to survive but has also developed cutting edge technology to produce low carbon green energy. It is not on its own. Adaptability, creativity and innovation is how the industrial heart of Nottinghamshire not only survived but also thrived as the decline of the coal industry transformed the economy.

Sustainable energy from waste is not a new idea…

Martin Rigley, Managing Director of Lindhurst Engineering, spotted a gap in the market. In the race to produce clean energy, Anaerobic Digestion Plants were designed and built to process agricultural waste and turn it into energy. Commercial plants are large and energy hungry. They require big capital investment, have a large footprint and need feeding with large amounts of waste which means importing from a wide area. More controversially, they also require fodder grown on land which could otherwise be used to produce food.

But the Microbial Fuel Cell is small, efficient and at the cutting edge ….

Lindhurst Engineering’s work for Severn Trent (part of their diversification from mining) had given them experience of anaerobic digestion. However, they believed that the process could be improved so they partnered with Nottingham University and, together, have designed, built and tested a new type of anaerobic digester – the Microbial Fuel Cell.

Thinking inside the box…

Because the Microbial Fuel Cell is designed for small scale use Lindhurst Engineering decided to build it in a box. The box in question is a shipping container and in simple terms they have made a very large battery. The design means that the Fuel Cell can be built, tested and snagged off-site. It is then delivered on site and all that is left to do is to ‘plug it in’.

As well as thinking outside the box…

Martin Rigley says that “Lindhurst Engineering does not sell products, it sells solutions to problems”. The company is flexible and has been involved in diverse projects locally, nationally and internationally over the years. They produced the automation for the Millennium Dome Show, worked on the Jubilee Extension Line in London and produced large moving artworks for Liverpool City of Culture. “There is a “can do” attitude in the workforce” he added, “and 90% of our supply chain comes from within a 30 mile radius”.

And Lindhurst Engineering is not an isolated story…

A great business network and proximity to world class universities are amongst the key factors in the ability of Lindhurst Engineering to innovate according to Martin. There is a strong business community in the area with a very active Chamber of Commerce: “A lot of businesses in this area are working in the sustainable arena and we have a tradition of innovation which makes this a great place to be based”. Monsal is another company that work on turning waste into energy, Brightwake is at the cutting edge of medical dressing technology and BPR Medical produce innovative oxygen delivery products for patients….and they are all based in Ashfield and Mansfield.

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