Grant support making business visions real

July 20, 2016 12:29 pm


Shops all over Ashfield are being spruced up and improved thanks to grant funding received from the Department of Communities, Ashfield District Council and development contributors.

Since the scheme’s launch in April, a total of £20,700 has been awarded in grants to businesses across the district, enabling them to improve their premises by making repairs, updating shop fittings, purchasing equipment or improving their IT.

A further grant scheme, offering grants of up to £1,500, is also available to provide support to new start-up market traders moving into the Idlewells Indoor Market or up to £500 for new start-up traders looking to locate to the outdoor markets in Sutton-in-Ashfield; Kirkby-in-Ashfield or Hucknall.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr. Don Davis, said the schemes were proving to be a great success.

“We are supporting fledgling businesses by giving them a financial helping hand to provide finishing touches or extra facilities which they may have struggled to afford without the grants,” he said.

“Regenerating and enhancing the District’s town centre economy is vitally important to the Council so it’s great to hear that the businesses we are supporting are enjoying success – in fact they have already generated 18 brand new jobs.”

He added that despite receiving a steady stream of applications for the funding, there was still funding to be allocated.

“I urge any businesses located in Ashfield who could benefit from the grant to get in touch with us. It’s an easy process and our officers are happy to discuss the procedure with applicants.”

This is echoed by the team at Unique and Beautiful, Outram Street, Sutton: “It’s truly wonderful that this grant is available for new businesses. It has enabled us to fit out our new shop with carpets, cabinets and fittings and has taken a lot of worry from us over the set up costs,” they said.

“The application procedure is easy and help is on hand throughout the whole process from very kind, approachable officers whose main concern is to help you succeed in your new venture.”

Another business which has benefitted from the funding is Chic Boutique in Kirkby. “We had a vision of Chic Boutique and with the help of the grant scheme we have made that vision a reality!” said Dawn Evans and Natalie Wadley.

If you believe you have a project that meets the criteria of the scheme and would like to apply, please contact: Caroline Lomas, Regeneration Project Officer, Tel: 01623 463174; email:

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