Innovative Inbound Marketing for Local Council

February 5, 2014 2:56 pm


The Ashfield and Mansfield Regeneration Shared Service has launched an innovative marketing campaign focused on attracting businesses and jobs into the area.

We believe that this is pretty much the first time that this kind of campaign has been taken on by a local Council and shows how the joint forces of Ashfield and Mansfield District Councils are working to transform the area and attract investment, growth and jobs.  Via this campaign, the Invest Ashfield & Mansfield team is making new connections to attract companies that will benefit from key business space in Nottinghamshire and properties along the M1 corridor.

The campaign utilises inbound marketing techniques to target key growth sectors in Ashfield & Mansfield, to ensure investors know that the Ashfield & Mansfield area is the best place for their business to be located.

Inbound marketing is different to traditional marketing techniques; the latter uses what is known as ‘interruption’ techniques, i.e. promoting a product through continued advertising, promotions, public relations and sales and generally disrupting people who are not receptive to what’s being said. Things like flyers, adverts, e-shots, etc. are not only expensive, they also deliver very small returns because they generally cause unwanted interruption.

Inbound marketing uses much more sophisticated techniques, identifying and targeting companies who would gain a competitive advantage from being in Ashfield & Mansfield.  We then identify who they are, where they ‘hang out’ (in the virtual world) and build up a rapport with them.  Only when they are ready to take the next step and talk about our product (commercial property in Nottinghamshire) do we talk about specific products.

This approach to inbound marketing has been proven to be massively more cost effective than traditional approaches.  PH Creative, experts in inbound marketing have kick-started the process by hosting persona mapping workshops to determine local customer needs and at what stage in the decision-making process they are most likely to be responsive.

For more information on the inbound marketing process, please email

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