Is a KTP right for me?

November 26, 2018 4:51 pm

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Did you know that there is a real opportunity for your business to innovate and grow?  It’s called a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).  And it basically links your firm with an academic or research organisation and a graduate.  It’s  three-way partnership and the opportunities are almost endless…

How does a KTP work?

A KTP is your opportunity to bring in both new skills and the latest academic thinking to your business.  Moreover, the KTP is an effective way of delivering a specific, strategic innovation project.

The academic or research organisation partner will help not only recruit a suitable graduate (the Associate) but will also act as the graduate’s employer.  The Associate then works at the company for the duration.  This could be anywhere between 12 and 36 months, depending on what the project is and the needs of the business.

Business benefits

Taking part in a KTP can help you to develop your business.  In short, you can get academic expertise that you don’t have in-house.  This can improve your business performance and help you to become both more competitive and productive.

How much does it cost?

A KTP is part-funded by a grant.  However, you will need to contribute to the salary of the Associate who will work with your business, plus the cost of a supervisor who will oversee the scheme.

The amount you will need to contribute depends on the scale and length of the project. It will also depend on the size of your company. Typically:

  • small and medium-sized enterprises contribute around £35,000 per year, about one-third of the project costs
  • large businesses contribute around £55,000 per year, or half of the project costs

Further information and application

There are 2 main application routes:

Via a Knowledge Transfer Adviser

If you’re interested in taking part in a KTP but don’t already have a university partner, you should contact your local KT (Knowledge Transfer) Adviser. They will:

  • check the feasibility of your idea and tell you if it is suitable
  • find the right academic or researcher to work on your project

The correct contact for our area is Philippa Ryan.  You can contact her on either 01949 876484 or 07860 863 649.  Alternatively, you can email Philippa direct.

Via the academic or research organisation

If you already have a partnership with an academic or research organisation or know who you would like to work with on a KTP, you should go via that organisation’s KTP office.

Find out more

For further information on KTPs and how to apply, please visit the dedicated GOV.UK page.

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