Launch of the second Project Innovation Fund (PIF) for Prevent

September 8, 2016 9:31 am

The Home Office’s Office for Security and Counter Terrorism (OSCT) is investing up to £1.5 million in innovative projects to prevent radicalisation and terrorism. This is a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition. It will be funded through the Project Innovation Fund for Prevent.

The fund is open until 12 October 2016, with registration for applications required by 5 October. Applicants are able to bid for between £10,000 and £100,000 (including VAT) for innovative projects which support Prevent objectives. A Briefing Day will be held in London on 13 September and potential applicants are encouraged to attend in advance of submitting an application. To register for a place please send an email to

Sector specific organisations

Applications from organisations in the following sectors are eligible to apply:

  • Civil society, community and voluntary groups
  • Education
  • Out-of-school settings that support children
  • Health
  • Businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Registered charities
  • Single or multiple local authorities that are in partnership with organisations in one or more of the aforementioned sectors

Further details about eligible applicants and the expectations of proposed projects are set out within the competition brief on the Innovate UK website which can be accessed through the above link.

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