Logistics Skills: How One East Midlands Location Is Rising to the Challenge…

June 17, 2015 5:18 pm
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Taylors Transport International: delivering driver training for the logistics sector

Skills and Training is a big issue in the logistics and distribution sector…

There’s no doubt that meeting the skills and training needs of logistics and distribution businesses is a hot current topic in 2015. A report published in October last year by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) highlighted the challenges facing the sector, with over 1.2 million extra jobs required by 2022. [1]

In January this year, the industry’s need for more trained drivers was highlighted once again in a report by the UK Parliament’s All-Party Group on Freight Transport, which found that just 2% of HGV drivers are under the age of 25, while 60% are over 45. [2]

But the pressure’s less intense further north…

While recent reports [3] have highlighted growing skills shortages within England’s so-called logistics ‘golden triangle’, pressures are less intense further north up the M1 corridor. In Nottinghamshire, property consultants are highlighting workforce availability as a key factor behind the growing attractiveness of the county to major logistics businesses.

Nottinghamshire is also rising to the challenge of providing the logistics sector with the training provision it needs, both through public sector providers and private sector businesses.

Both colleges and businesses are delivering essential logistics skills…

In Ashfield and Mansfield, Vision West Nottinghamshire College (VWNC) has recently worked with Clipper Logistics to establish a 100-place logistics academy from scratch. The college offers a warehousing and distribution framework that addresses a breadth of training areas, from forklift truck driving to business administration. The college also prides itself on its adaptability to the needs of businesses. [4]

‘One of our strengths is that we can work with employers to meet their exact requirements,’ says Louise Knott, VWNC’s Director of Communications and Marketing. ‘If we aren’t currently offering a course, we’re happy to talk to them about whatever we can do to meet their needs’.

Elsewhere in the area, private businesses have stepped up to deliver the skills and training required by the transport logistics sector, especially in the area of driver training. Peter Smyth Transport Training, located in Mansfield Woodhouse, is a specialist provider of LGV, HGV and specialist vehicle driver training, and is the first centre in the UK to be accredited as a DSA driving test centre. [5]

Transport businesses in Ashfield and Mansfield have also taken it upon themselves to address the need for trained drivers. Taylors Transport International Ltd, which operates over 200 vehicles from its HQ in the area, operates its own Driver Training School, to meet its own needs and to service other businesses, as well as individuals, in the locality. [6]

1.2 million new jobs in 7 years is certainly a tall order. But there’s no doubt that the businesses and educational institutions of Ashfield and Mansfield are ready to rise to the challenge.

Find Out More Contact Invest Ashfield and Mansfield to find out more about growing your logistics business in Ashfield and Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

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