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July 3, 2017 11:41 am

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The importance of backing-up data and updating virus protection will feature prominently at a forthcoming major regional cyber security conference.  Ensuring software is up-to-date and the risks of using cloud technology while working remotely is also on the agenda.  The event is scheduled for Thursday 6 July, 9-3:30pm at the Village Hotel Nottingham.

Why is it important?

Latest reports suggest that cyber attacks now account for half of all UK crime.  Moreover, two-thirds of companies might have already fallen victim.  And furthermore, 15% could have been hit ten times or more.

The recent global wannacry ransomware attack was exacerbated by many organisations, including the NHS, still using Microsoft XP.  Microsoft XP was still used as their operating platform even though Microsoft withdrew its support in April 2014.  In other words, withdrawing support means Microsoft stopped providing security updates.

However, it’s not just cyber attacks that can leave a company grounded.  As the recent two-day loss of most flights at British Airways proved.  Having fully up-to-date back-up systems to swing seamlessly into use when the primary system fails is crucial to business continuity.

New regulations

Equally, against this backdrop, in a year, under new General Data Protection Regulations, companies will face crippling penalties.  This could be up to 4% of global turnover if they don’t take adequate steps to prevent data theft.

What the experts say

“Cyber crime is a rapidly growing phenomenon of modern business and very hard to stay one step ahead of.  The potential for organisations and individuals to fall victim to increasingly clever cyber criminals increases every day,” said Andy Watterson.  Andy is Business Crime Manager and cyber crime lead at East Midlands Chamber.

“The threat of cyber attack grows every day, corresponding exactly with the dependence on computers in most businesses.  But the threat is not just one of disruption, it’s also the damage that can be done to corporate reputation.  And there will be huge financial company penalties companies from next year.  As this is when the EU General Data Protection Regulations come into force.”

“Raising awareness of cyber threats plays a critical part in preventing them,” Andy said.  He also added: “Companies are used to considering other risks but have still not grasped the cyber risk.”

Dedicated event

The East Midlands Cyber Security Conference and Expo, takes place at the Village Hotel Nottingham, on 6 July.  It is expected to bring together more than 150 business leaders, information security providers and key influencers.  The event will discuss threats posed by online criminals and practical ways businesses can protect themselves.  Delegates will not only learn about essential technical safeguards but will also be encouraged to consider user behaviour’s impact.

The sponsors: Air-IT

The event, organised by East Midlands Chamber, is sponsored by Air-IT.  Air-IT is an award-winning specialist in supply, installation and support of ICT systems for business.  Air-IT delivers bespoke outsourced services including support, cyber security, backup and business continuity, consultancy, cloud, telephony and broadband and connectivity solutions.

Paul Judge is Marketing Director at Chamber patron Air-IT.  Paul said: “We’re delighted to be headline sponsor at this year’s East Midlands Chamber Cyber Security Conference and Expo.  Highly regarded in the regional business calendar, this event helps bring together both local businesses and leading experts in this field.

“In the wake of recent global ransomware attacks, it’s essential that businesses take cyber security seriously.  And we’re keen to help delegates learn from this example through our keynote speech focusing on the wannacry attack.

“Along with the forthcoming changes in data protection legislation, we’re aiming to provide an insight into the ever-evolving threat landscape.  We’ll help delegates understand the growing business risks and the steps to take to safeguard their systems and staff.”

Various sessions at the conference will be aimed at different levels of cyber knowledge.  This will range from businesses working in information security to firms seeking advice on basic steps to secure their business.

Event information and registration

Andy added: “The Chamber has hosted a number of seminars across the region.  These have all aimed to give local businesses the information and knowledge needed to protect themselves online.  Moreover, we will continue to work closely with local constabularies and national agencies to help push this agenda forward.  This event is about bringing that range of expert knowledge together in one place.  This will give local businesses information and tools to recognise these risks and take steps to protect themselves.”

Find out more about the event on 6 July and register.

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