Mansfield General Hospital demolition achieves 90% recycling rate

March 24, 2014 11:12 am


The demolition of Mansfield General Hospital by CMEC Demolition of Nottingham is well on its way, with completion scheduled by the end of April.

More than 90% of waste produced by the demolition is being recovered and recycled. This significantly high rate of recycling demonstrates good practice in demolition, the benefits of on-site segregation of reusable materials (like bricks, slates etc.), swift removal of recyclable material (like metals, wood etc.) and good communication and logistics.  The remaining 10% of unusable waste is transported for landfill.

The key categories for recycled materials include:

  • Bricks are cleaned on site and recycled for use in construction projects.
  • Brick and concrete rubble is crushed for re-processing and reusing in construction projects such as road building like the on-going Nottingham tram network extension project.
  • Wood is recycled to pulp for use in manufacturing paper based products. The tree stumps are used for producing wood chips that can be used in wood burning stoves.
  • Metals (steel, copper, brass, aluminium) are recycled (melted down) into high quality new metal. The recycling process varies for different metals but generally produces metals of equivalent quality.
  • Slates are recycled via roofing companies for use in roof restoration projects.
  • Architectural steelwork is recycled for potential use in film sets.

CMEC Demolition is one of the UK’s leading demolition companies with sustainability and recycling embedded within its core operations. The company is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner so that pollution of the environment is prevented, human health is safeguarded and the recycling of waste materials on all of its projects is optimised.

More information on the demolition can be viewed online and the complete works can be viewed via time-lapse photography (links are now closed).

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