Mansfield Palace Theatre Rides the Crest of a Wave!

January 10, 2014 12:55 pm

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The Mansfield Palace Theatre is thrilled and proud to show that in these times of austerity, the people of Ashfield & Mansfield and surrounding areas have continually chosen to support their local theatre.

Latest figures produced by the Theatre show that the popular local facility has done exceptionally well with two out of the three quarters of the current financial year out-performing the previous year.  This means that although the hugely popular pantomime this Christmas, Cinderella, has proven to be a record-breaking pantomime, the Theatre has not been solely reliant on it for its good attendance.

The overall excellent news is that total attendance for the period April to December 2013 has exceeded the total for the same period the previous year. Most importantly, the average attendance which measures how well individual shows are attended has risen from 70% to 74%. This is an excellent indicator that the public is supportive of its local venue and is really enjoying the programme on offer.

Andrew Tucker, Cultural Services Manager said: “I am thrilled that the figures are strong and show good growth. We are conscious that leisure spend may be the first thing people choose to cut in these difficult times, but all of the staff at the Mansfield Palace Theatre would like to thank the public most sincerely for their strong support and wish them all a wonderful New Year!”

Record breaking panto adds to success…

The festive cracker, Cinderella proved to be a record-breaking Panto!  Previous attendance records went tumbling as the 2007 Cinderella figure was exceeded. Next to fall was the record set in 2006 by Su Pollard as the Wicked Queen in Snow White.

Andrew added: “The audiences have come in droves to enjoy Cinderella, one of the most successful pantomimes ever staged in the Mansfield Palace Theatre. The strong cast, headed by Ruth Madoc and Dave Benson Phillips, certainly knew how to entertain the crowds – and crowds they certainly did have! The shouts and screams from the auditorium were ear-piercing!”

Cinderella finished on a fantastic 94% sold, tied with the 2008 production of Sleeping Beauty. Looking forward, the challenge is now to beat the previous record.  Tickets for this year’s festive offering, Sleeping Beauty, are already on sale with 10% already sold! Andrew offered the following challenge: “Come on Mansfield, let’s see what we can achieve this year!”

To book for Sleeping Beauty or any of the other exciting theatre shows on offer, please call the Box Office on 01623 633133

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