New stalls launched at Mansfield Market

October 20, 2016 9:33 am

Five new stalls were launched at Mansfield Market last weekend after they were accepted on to Mansfield District Council “incubation stall” scheme.

The stalls had their first trading day on Saturday 16 October and were selected from a number which applied to trade on the market.

New traders who take incubation stalls are able to trade rent-free for 12 months to help get the business going and were able to take advantage of training with market trader guru Keeley Flint, of How to Start a Market Stall.

The new stalls are: The Juice Doctor, which makes fruit smoothies;  Sweet Temptations, a stall selling authentic Mexican food and Mexican sweetbreads; The Jewellery Chamber,  selling handmade bespoke jewellery; The Dumpling Shack, selling Jamaican inspired deep fried dumplings; and Lollypoplips Cosmetics, selling make-up for all occasions and beauty products.

They join a shoe stall which has also started trading via the incubation scheme. Lori Clarke and  Mark Roberts have been running their shoe venture, taking six stalls on the market on Tuesdays, for about 12 weeks now.

“Our stalls have added a lot to the market,” said Mark, who returned to market trading in the town after a gap of eight years. “The incubation scheme is a good idea. We get one stall free for a while and pay for the other five.”

Alejandra Cerón is running Sweet Temptations and says she is bringing the authentic taste of Mexico to Mansfield, selling tacos, fajitas and Mexican sweetbreads.

“This is food that is not seen very often in Britain,” said Alejandra, who has lived in Mansfield for 12 years. “Usually what you get here is Tex Mex food which is different from real Mexican food.”

Tony Wilson, who is running The Dumpling Shack, is also bringing an exotic flavour to the market. His deep fried Caribbean dumplings, filled with curried mutton and chicken and seasoned vegetables, have been inspired by food that his Jamaican mother cooked.

“The incubation stall is a brilliant idea,” he said. “I am itching to get started and seeing how it goes.”

Joyce Chambers, meanwhile, is hoping her jewellery stall will be able to develop into doing bespoke and bridal ranges. “The training was  really helpful in terms of how to set up your stall and the different ways to set up a stall,” she said.

Keeley Flint, who ran a ladies’ fashion stall in Mansfield for 16 years, said: “I think what Mansfield is doing to bring new life into the market is fantastic. Nowhere I know of in Britain is offering incubation stalls backed up with training. Without the nurturing you would not see the new businesses and you would have empty stalls.”

The council’s Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services Stewart Rickersey said: “These new traders joining the market show that it is a great place to do business – and the more who sign up, the better the market will become.

“We are confident that shoppers are enjoying the changes we have made by bringing the market back to the heart of the town centre.

“We have helped bring a buzz back to the town by putting on more frequent events, themed activities and monthly Covent Garden street entertainment to encourage footfall and enhance the overall atmosphere of the town centre.”

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