Opportunities to work with schools and young people

May 18, 2017 1:27 pm

There are a number of opportunities currently available to help businesses work with local schools and improve their outcomes.  If you are interested in working with schools but don’t quite know where to start, read on.  And you will definitely learn something to benefit both your business and local young people.

The Brunts Academy

Brunts is the lead academy of the Evolve Trust, working together to help all students achieve their very best outcomes.   In short, this is achieved through strong partnership and collaborative working.  Some Year 10 students are currently looking to find work experience in a number of work areas.  These include:  Mechanics, Sports, Veterinary, Animals, Computer and Technical.  The school’s work experience programme runs from 17th until 28th July 2017 for a one/two week work placement.  To find out more or to register your interest, please contact Mrs Kay Barnard, on 01623 623149 – extension 3154.

Enterprising Schools

Funded by Ashfield and Mansfield District Councils.  These day-long workshops with young people (years 9-11) work on enterprise and employability skills.  Businesses can take part for a day at a time.  Not only that, but they can cover as many (or as few) schools and subjects as they like.  Our project aims to improve young people’s knowledge and awareness of business generally.  In addition we want to help them better understand an employer’s expectations when searching for the right people.  Moreover, this programme helps to raise skills and improve aspirations.  This programme is delivered by Ideas4Careers Ltd.  To find out more or to register your interest, please contact Ella O’Connor on 01623 463327.

The Evolve Trust

The Evolve Trust are passionate about making a difference to young people’s lives.  They are therefore looking for some like-minded people to join a mentoring programme.  This programme aims to support local young people to develop both their self-belief and their motivation in order to achieve their potential.

All you need to commit to is to meet a young person once per week throughout the academic year.  This programme will commence in September 2017 and full training will be given.  If you want to be involved, contact Berni Dickinson on 01623 676372.

2017 Employment and Skills Summit

In summary, the summit will bring together education providers, businesses and policy makers.   This forum is in order to discuss practical ways businesses and the education sector can work together more effectively.  In this way, the correct skills required for economic growth in the East Midlands will be assured.  Find out more.

Junior Enterprise

Junior Enterprise is an annual competition working with all secondary schools across Ashfield and Mansfield.  This competition offers a chance for key stage 3 pupils to start their own business.  In essence, they learn important planning and teamworking skills.  But the real test is when it comes to selling their product on the Mansfield market in July.

Organised through Ashfield and Mansfield 2020, this competition relies on sponsorship from local businesses.  There is currently one sponsorship opportunity remaining.  What’s more, as we will be sponsoring an award on behalf of Ashfield and Mansfield district councils, you’ll be in excellent company.  If you are looking to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility or improve your image, this could be the ideal opportunity.  To find out more, contact Caroline Cox on 01623 422010.

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