Regeneration of Broomhill Road shops, Hucknall

February 3, 2016 8:45 am







Ashfield District Council, working together with the Welbeck Community Association (WCA) and Nottinghamshire County Council, has agreed to the regeneration of the local shopping parade on Broomhill Road.

The regeneration of the four shops in the parade that are owned by Ashfield District Council were the subject of a successful grant application by the WCA to Nottinghamshire County Council, with additional support coming from the High Street Innovation fund held by Ashfield District Council.

Contractors have been appointed and the scheme is anticipated to be complete in the next three months.

The WCA first brought the poor condition of the four shops to the attention of local ward and County Councillors, who agreed to support their application towards regeneration of the shops and their eventual letting, given two of the shops are currently vacant.

Ashfield District Council at once saw the community benefit of this scheme which is considered to deliver a better environment in terms of its amenity, economic uplift and community cohesion. It is hoped that these improvements will lead to new retail or services being attracted into the vacant shops, to enhance the local environment and foster a sense of pride in the local community.

Regeneration is a priority for Ashfield District Council and this is but one of a number of projects across the district to reinvest in local communities, encourage local shopping variety, and promote more resilient communities in the current economic climate.

Dennis Mayoh, Chair of the Welbeck Community Association, commented “Improving these shop fronts will give a much better impression of the area and is good news for the estate as a whole. Our close working with the Council has meant that we have been able to offer ideas about how we can develop the area in ways that suit both the Council and the residents”.

Deputy Leader of Ashfield District Council, Cllr. Don Davis said “Investing in the regeneration of these shops will help turn things around for the local people; making a big difference for those who are currently put off using them and providing a more modern and welcoming appearance for those who already have businesses there. The works will transform the parade of shops into a retail and community hub for the benefit of local residents and working closely with the local community has ensured a positive outcome.

County Councillor for Hucknall, Alice Grice, commented “I was delighted to support the WCA in their application to the County Council’s Local Communities Fund. This is a great use of the fund as the initial bid has drawn in additional match funding from partners meaning we can really do some meaningful work to improve the area for residents, businesses and visitors.”

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